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  • HOPE 55 – What am I? Day 1


    „Did she passed the message?” asked R1. He was waiting for this moment for last years to be fully reunited with his long lost twin flame. „I’m not sure” replied D1 telepathically. „From what I know she is still working on it even though she finished the story long time ago.” They were both divided […]

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  • True Wisdom = Prawdziwa Mądrość


    True Widsom doesn’t come from a pile of read books, because isn’t it just repeating somebody else’s thoughts? True Wisdom doesn’t come from understanding, because human understands but still gonna do it only his way. True Wisdom is not your Mother’s words, neither your father’s, sister’s, grandma’s, teachers’, preachers’, leaders’ nor polititians’. True Wisdom isn’t any […]