old dreams, I’m coming!

Please, don’t kill me but I decided to write this post in English. It’s easier and will be probably quicker (due to my English level). I will treat it as a preparation for my English exams but despite that you’ll find here lots of mistakes. So first of all don’t kill me and secondly I wanted to tell you something…

Yesterday I agreed to come to Norway. Yes, this cold Norway and actually to this northern part of it. I will be there for three months and I will have loads to experience. I’m so stressed and so excited at the same time. And the fact that my exams are tomorrow doesn’t help at all. Wish me luck and I will write to you soon.

I hope there will be some respond to that post and you won’t decide to leave because of English version. I will try to write as easy as I can which will be very easy for sure. Keep calm! Love ya!